21 Nov

A member of the legendary rock group AC / DC died

AC / DC legendary guitarist Malcolm Young has died at the age of 64.

In 2014, Malcolm Young was diagnosed with memory impairment and had to be treated since then. He went away peacefully with relatives and family.

The AC / DC team also issued a formal statement. “The AC / DC band is heartbroken to tell you about the departure of Malcolm Young, along with Angus, who was the founding member of the band.

With great dedication and great devotion, he is the key force behind the band. As a guitarist, musician and visionary, he is a perfectionist and a unique man. “

Angus Young, the younger brother of AC / DC, also wrote: “It’s really hard to express in words his role in my life. Very special. He left a great legacy and will live forever in rock history. ”
AC / DC rock band leader meets him 1
Malcolm Young, with his Gretsch instrument, had a musical career with him.

Malcolm Young was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1953. He and his family moved to Australia at the age of 10 and formed the group AC / DC in 1973. He was a member of the band from that time until the official Play music for health reasons in 2014. At that time, Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young was chosen as the replacement for the guitar side.

The AC / DC hard rock band was honored by the Aerosmith Hall of Fame leader Steven Tyler in 2003. It is one of the most successful rock bands in history with more than 200 million copies. The worldwide sales include 71.5 million albums in the US alone.

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