21 Nov

B.B. King – the enduring power of “The King of Blues”

With a cheering, B.B.King stepped out with a limp look, touched the Lucille and plucked the first finger, and sang the powerful voice of a blues king.

He was an artist who, when introduced to the stage, did not immediately name him, but always introduced solemnly: “The king of blues.” In welcome applause, B.B. King stepped out with an imposing figure, touched the Lucille and plucked the first toe, and sang the majestic voice of a king of the blues.

At age 88 with nearly 60 albums, 18 Grammys and dozens of other honors, B.B.King continued to perform. Name B.B. King was listed on the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1984, the 1987 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was awarded the 1987 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. His number of hits reached number one. hundreds. B.B. King is also among the top 10 guitarists of The Rolling Stones.

The King of Blues is honored not only by the title, but also by the huge number of prestigious awards, but also by over a half-century of music, the 88-year-old has devoted himself. Tirelessly come to the blues and the world with the guitar and the powerful vocals.

Riley B. King (B.B. King’s real name) has worked for Memphis’s famed WDIA since 1948, as a singer and disc-jockey. From here he began to use the stage name Beale Street Blues Boy, shortened to Blues Boy and short for B.B.
B.B. King – the durable power of “The King of Blues” 2
B.B. King, “the Beale Street Blues Boy” at age 23, advertising for the WDIA radio station, 1948

King calls his guitar Lucille. The story of this name originated in 1949. He was playing for the Twist club in Arkansas. Once in a concert, two young men were fighting for a woman, they ended the conflict by burning the club. King escapes, but he remembers leaving the guitar and dives into the fire to rescue his beloved Gibson. The next day, he finds out about the woman – the cause of the quarrel between the two men – her name is Lucille. King began naming his guitar, Lucille, as a reminder of his fatal experience that he was never fooled into a fight for women. Later, Gibson released a guitar called Lucille in 1981.

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