21 Nov

The striking Alfa Romeo-inspired guitar

Only 11 are produced and are completely handcrafted. Alfa Romeo is an instrument that any guitarist wants to own.
On the occasion of its 104th anniversary, Alfa Romeo (a subsidiary of the famous Italian corporation FIAT) has decided to collaborate with British guitar producer Harrison Custom Guitar Works to launch. Alfa Romeo Limited Edition guitars. According to the manufacturer, only 11 studs are produced, all of which are completely handcrafted and are designed in the style of luxury Alfa Romeo cars.
The sound of the instrument is modeled on a heart-shaped Alfa-style radiator grille with high-quality aluminum alloy. Alfa Romeo’s logo acts as a key volume, the body is made of high quality wood such as birch and maple wood. Corpses are made of carbon fiber and Korina wood, which is often used on the legendary Gibson. Time to complete an Alfa Romeo Limited Edition is about 8 months and the price of each is $ 6,795.

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